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Denise Doiron

Denise Doiron - Australian School of Business  

PhD and MA, University of British Columbia

BA, L'Universite de Moncton

Head of School, Professor


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Denise Doiron has held appointments at the University of Western Ontario, the University of British Columbia, the University of Sydney and visiting appointments at Boston University, University of Washington and the Australian National University. She has conducted research in the areas of labour economics, industrial relations, social policy, and health economics. She is currently co-editor of the Economic Record.


Selected publications


  • Doiron, D. and S. Mendolia (2011) "The Impact of Job Loss on Family Dissolution," forthcoming in The Journal of Population Economics
  • Doiron, D. and R. Guttmann (2009) "The Wealth Distributions of Migrant and Australian-Born Households," in The Economic Record, 85(268) pp. 32-45
  • Doiron, D. and T. Gorgens (2008) "State dependence in youth labor market experiences, and the evaluation of policy interventions," inThe Journal of Econometrics, 145(1-2) pp. 81-97
  • Doiron, D., J. Hall and G. Jones (2008) "Is There a Crisis in Nursing Retention in New South Wales?" in The Australia and New Zealand Health Policy, pp. 5-19
  • Doiron, D., Jones, G. and Savage, E. (2008) "Healthy, Wealthy and Insured? The Role of Self-Assessed Health in the Demand for Private Health Insurance", in Health Economics, pp. 317-334
  • Doiron, D. and Jones, G. (2006) "Nurses' Retention and Hospital Characteristics in New South Wales", in The Economic Record, 82(256), pp. 11-29
  • Doiron, D. and Kalb, G. (2005) "Demands for Childcare and Household Labour Supply in Australia", in The Economic Record, 81(254), pp. 215-236
  • Doiron, Denise J. (2004) "Welfare reform and the Labour Supply of Lone Parents in Australia: A Natural Experiment Approach", in The Economic Record, 80(249), pp. 157-176
  • Doiron, Denise J. (2003) "Is Under-Employment due to Labour Hoarding? Evidence from the Australian Workplace Industrial Relations Survey", in The Economic Record, 79(246), pp. 306-323
  • Doiron, D. and Kalb, G. (2002) "Demand for Childcare Services and Labour Supply in Australian Families", in The Australian Economic Review, 35(2), pp.1-10
  • Barrett, G. F. and D. J. Doiron, (2001) "Working Part-Time: By Choice or By Constraint," in The Canadian Journal of Economics, 34(4), pp. 1042-1065
  • Doiron, D. J. and G. F. Barrett, (1996) "Male-Female Differences in Earnings Inequality: the Role of Hours versus Wages," in The Review of Economics and Statistics, 78(3), pp. 410-420
  • Doiron, D. J. (1995) "A Test of the Insider - Outsider Hypothesis in Union Preferences," in Economica, 62, pp. 281-290
  • Doiron, D. J. (1995) "Layoffs as Signals: The Canadian Evidence," in The Canadian Journal of Economics, 28(4a), pp. 899-913
  • Doiron, D. J. and W. C. Riddell (1994) "The Impact of Unionization on Male-Female Earnings Differences in Canada," in The Journal of Human Resources, 29(2), pp. 504-534
  • Doiron, D. J. (1992) "Bargaining Power and Wage-Employment Contracts in a Unionized Industry," in International Economic Review, 33(3), pp. 583-606




  • Social Policy Evaluation, Analysis and Research Centre (SPEAR), Australian National University
  • Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research (MIAESR), University of Melbourne
  • Centre for Applied Economic Research (CAER), University of New South Wales
  • Centre for Health Economics Research and Evaluation (CHERE), University of Technology, Sydney




  • Best paper prize, Economic Record, 2005
  • Australian Health Economics Society Research Prize (for best paper 2007-2008)

Research interests

  • Labour economics

Research grants

  • 2011 - 2013: Chief investigator, Australian Research Council, 3-year grant, $657,000. Title: Risk management and funding structures: an econometric panel data analysis of health insurance in Australia
  • 2008 - 2012: Lead Investigator, Australian Research Council, 5-year grant, $540,000. Title: The training and job decisions of nurses: an integrated approach using panel surveys and dynamic discrete choice experiments

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