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Benoit Julien

Benoit Julien - Australian School of Business 

Master of Arts and PhD, University of Western Ontario

Bachelor of Arts, Laval/Queen's

Associate Professor


+61 2 9385 3876 


+61 2 9313 6337 




Australian School of Business building


Recent publications


  • Pere Gomis-Porqueras & Benoit Julien. "Introduction to the Macroeconomic Dynamic Special Issue on Inequality, Public Insurance, and Monetary Policy", Macroeconomic Dynamics, forthcoming
  • Pere Gomis-Porqueras, Benoit Julien & Chengsi Wang. "Optimal Monetary and Fiscal Policies In a Search-theoretic Model of Money and Unemployment", Macroeconomic Dynamics, forthcoming
  • Richard Dutu, Benoit Julien & Ian King, 2012. "On the Welfare Gains of Price Dispersion," Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, Blackwell Publishing, vol. 44(5), pages 757-786, 08
  • Julien, Benoit, Kennes, John & King, Ian Paul, 2011. "Implementing the Mortensen rule in a frictional labor market," Journal of Macroeconomics, Elsevier, vol. 33(1), pages 80-91, March
  • Richard Dutu & Stella Huangfu & Benoit Julien, 2011. "Contingent Prices And Money," International Economic Review, Department of Economics, University of Pennsylvania and Osaka University Institute of Social and Economic Research Association, vol. 52(4), pages 1291-1308, November
  • Julien Benoît, John Kennes, Ian King and Sephorah Mangin, 'Directed search, unemployment and public policy,' Canadian Journal of Economics, vol. 42(3), pages 956-983, August, 2009
  • Richard Dutu and Benoît Julien, 'Technology Licensing and Grantbacks under Hidden Information,' Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics (JITE), Mohr Siebeck, Tübingen, vol. 165(4), pages 561-578, December, 2009
  • Julien, Benoît, Kennes, John and King, Ian, 'Bidding for money,' Journal of Economic Theory, Elsevier, vol. 142(1), pages 196-217, September, 2008
  • Richard Dutu and Benoît Julien, 'Ex-ante production, directed search and indivisible money,' Economics Bulletin, AccessEcon, vol. 5(7), pages 1-7, 2008
  • Julien Benoît and Pere Gomis-Porqueras, 'Market Structure and the Banking Sector,' Economics Bulletin, AccessEcon, vol. 4(24), pages 1-9, 2007
  • Julien, Benoît, Kennes, John and King, Ian, 'The Mortensen rule and efficient coordination unemployment,' Economics Letters, Elsevier, vol. 90(2), pages 149-155, February, 2006
  • Julien Benoît, John Kennes and Ian King, 'Residual Wage Disparity And Coordination Unemployment,' International Economic Review, vol. 47(3), pages 961-989, 08, 2006
  • Julien Benoît, John Kennes and Ian King, 'Ex post bidding and efficient coordination unemployment,' Canadian Journal of Economics, vol. 38(1), pages 174-193, February, 2005
  • Julien Benoît, John Kennes and Ian King, 'Auctions Beat Posted Prices in a Small Market,' Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics (JITE), vol. 158(4), pages 548-, December, 2002
  • Julien Benoît, John Kennes and Ian Paul King, 'Auctions and Posted Prices in Directed Search Equilibrium,' The B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics, Berkeley Electronic Press, vol. 0(1), 2001
  • Julien Benoît, John Kennes and Ian King, 'Bidding for Labor,' Review of Economic Dynamics, Elsevier for the Society for Economic Dynamics, vol. 3(4), pages 619-649, October, 2000



Research interests

  • Search and matching
  • Labour markets
  • Monetary economics
  • Auctions and industrial organization

Research grants

 Courses taught

  • ECON3101 Markets and Equilibrium
  • ECON6002 Macroeconomic Analysis
  • ECON5110 Managerial Economics
  • ECON6303 Economics of Labour Markets
  • ECON4104 Economics of Labour Markets
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