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Renée Adams

Renee Adams 
PhD, University of Chicago
MS, Stanford University
BA, University of California San Diego

Professor of Finance, Commonwealth Bank Chair in Finance


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 Emerald Insight Citation of Excellence logo Emerald Insight Citation of Excellence for "A Theory of Friendly Boards",
with Daniel Ferreira, Journal of Finance, 2007, 62(1), pp. 217-250.


Refereed publications


  • Adams, B. R., & Mehran, H. (2012). Bank Board Structure and Performance: Evidence for Large Bank Holding Companies. Journal of Financial Intermediation 21, 243-267.
  • Adams, B. R., & Funk, P. (2012). Beyond the Glass Ceiling: Does Gender Matter?Management Science, 58(2), 219-235.
  • Adams, B. R., & Ferreira, F. (2012). Does Regulatory Pressure Provide Sufficient Incentives for Bank Directors? Evidence from Directors' Attendance Records. International Review of Finance (special issue on Governance, Policy and the Crisis), 12(1), 227-248.
  • Adams, B. R. (2012). Governance and the Financial Crisis. International Review of Finance (special issue on Governance, Policy and the Crisis), 12(1), 7-38.
  • Adams, B. R., Giannetti, M. (2012). Is pay a matter of values? International Review of Finance (special issue on Governance, Policy and the Crisis), 12(2), 133-173.
  • Adams, B. R., & Licht, A., & Sagiv, L. (2010). Shareholders and Stakeholders: How Do Directors Decide? Strategic Management Journal, forthcoming.
  • Adams, B. R., & Ferreira, D. (2010). Moderation in Groups: Evidence from Betting on Ice Break-ups in Alaska. Review of Economic Studies, 77(3), 882-913.
  • Adams, B. R., Hermalin, B., & Weisbach, M. (2010). The Role of Boards of Directors in Corporate Governance: A Conceptual Framework and Survey. Journal of Economic Literature, 48(1), 58-107.
  • Adams, B. R., & Ferreira, D. (2009). Strong Managers, Weak Boards? CESifo Economic Studies special issue on Executive Pay, 55(3-4), 482-514.
  • Adams, B. R., & Ferreira, D. (2009). Women in the Boardroom and their Impact on Governance and Performance. Journal of Financial Economics94(2), 291-309.
  • Adams, B. R., & Almedia, H., & Ferreira, D. (2009). Understanding the Relationship between Founder-CEOs and Firm Performance. Journal of Empirical Finance, 16(1), 136-150.
  • Adams, B. R., & Ferreira, D. (2008). Do Directors Perform for Pay? Journal of Accounting and Economics, 46(1), 154-171.
  • Adams, B. R., & Ferreira, D. (2008). One-share, One-vote: the Empirical Evidence. Review of Finance12(1), 51-91.
  • Adams, B. R., & Ferreira, D. (2007). A Theory of Friendly Boards. Journal of Finance, 62(1), 217-250.
  • Adams, B. R., & Santos, J. (2006). Identifying the Effect of Managerial Control on Firm Performance. Journal of Accounting and Economics41(1) 55-85.
  • Adams, B. R., Almedia, H. & Ferreira, D. (2005). Powerful CEOs and their Impact on Corporate Performance, Review of Financial Studies, 18(4), 1403-1432.
  • Adams, B. R., & Mehran, H. (2003). Is Corporate Governance Different for Bank Holding Companies? Economic Policy Review, 9(1), 123-142.


Selected working papers


  • Asking Directors About Their Dual Roles, 2009
  • Does gender matter in the boardroom? Evidence from mandatory new director appointments, 2011 with John Nowland and Steve Gray
  • Who Directs the Fed? 2011


Research in progress


  • Board Dynamics
  • What do boards do?
  • Women in the boardroom: A Global Perspective


Book chapters


  • Governance at Banking Institutions, Chapter 23 in Corporate Governance, R. Anderson and H.K. Baker (eds.), Wiley & Sons 2010
  • Corporate Governance to appear in the Encyclopedia of Financial Globalization, Gerard Caprio (ed.), Thorsten Beck, Charles Calomiris, Takeo Hoshi, Peter Montiel, and Garry Schinasi (assoc. Eds.), Elsevier


Non-refereed publications


  • "Board Structure, Banking Firm Performance and the Bank Holding Company Organizational Form," with Hamid Mehran, Proceedings of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Conference on Bank Structure and Competition, 2003
  • "L-Systems-a discrete approach to modeling biological systems." The UCSD Journal of Undergraduate Research, 1991, 11, pp. 47-53
  • "Preliminary Results of the Study of the Action of the Orthogonal Group on Tensorspace - An Excerpt." Proceedings of the Fifth National Conference on Undergraduate Research, 1991, 1, pp. 351-357

Research interests

  • Corporate governance
  • Governance of financial institutions
  • Corporate finance
  • Economics of organizations

Research grants

  • ARC Discovery Grant in the amount of $200,000 with Vanitha Ragunathan, commencing 2012
  • The Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation Grant in the amount of SEK 1,200,000 (with Erik Berglöf and Atta Tarki): Grant for Project “Performance of Hajjis in the Bazaar,” 2005
  • SNS Center for Business and Policy Studies, Sweden in the amount of SEK 1,000,000 (with Erik Berglöf): Grant for project “Board Activity and Structure,” 2004
  • BSI Gamma Foundation, Lugano, Switzerland in the amount of Euro 10,000: Grant for project “The Impact of Managerial Control on Firm Performance,” 2003
  • Bankforskningsinstitutet, Stockholm, Sweden: Grant for project “The Governance of Banking Firms,” 2003
  • The Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation Grant in the amount of SEK 400,000 (with Mariassunta Giannetti and Daniel Ferreira), 2003



    Photo credit: Daniel Coelho Photography

 Courses taught

  • FINS3775 Research Methods in Finance 1
  • FINS4775 Research Methods in Finance Part 1
  • FINS4777 Advanced Topics in Corporate Finance
  • FINS5575 Research Methods in Finance 1
  • FINS5577 Advanced Topics in Corporate Finance
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