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Jenny Buchan

Jenny Buchan 

PhD, Queensland University of Technology

LLM, Melbourne University

LLB, Otago University, New Zealand

Admitted to practice as a barrister and solicitor in New Zealand, Victoria and New South Wales

Associate Professor


+61 2 9385 1458 or +61 432 879 988 


+61 2 9313 6658 




ASB Building

Jenny joined the School of Taxation & Business Law in 2002. Prior to becoming an academic she worked as a commercial lawyer in private practice in New Zealand, Melbourne and Sydney, and as a compliance consultant.

Member of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's Franchising Consultative Committee since 2010.


Jenny is available to supervise research degrees in franchise law.








PhD thesis


  • Franchisor Failure: An Assessment of the Adequacy of Regulatory Response (Queensland University of Technology, 2010)


Refereed book chapters


  • Jenny Buchan, ‘The failure of pre-purchase disclosure to protect franchisees of a franchisor in administration’ in Network Governance: Alliances, Cooperatives and Franchise Chains, Ehrmann, T; Windsperger, J; Cliquet, G; Hendrikse, G (eds) (Physica-Verlag, A Springer Company, 2013) 301 – 334.
  • Jenny Buchan, ‘Government Policy to Support Franchisees’ in Robert A. Blackburn and Michael T. Schaper (eds) Government, SMEs and Entrepreneurship Development: Policy, Practice and Challenges (Gower, 2012) 227-240
  • Jenny Buchan, 'Franchisees whose franchisors fail: unprotected consumers' in E C. Spencer (editor), Relational Rights and Responsibilities: Perspectives on Contractual Arrangements in Franchising, (Bond University Press, 2011)
  • Jenny Buchan, 'Reducing collateral damage in franchisor insolvency' in Omar P (general editor), International Insolvency Law: Themes and Perspectives (Ashgate, 2008) 367 - 40


Refereed journal articles


  • Jenny Buchan, ‘Deconstructing the Franchise as a Legal Entity: Practice and Research in International Franchise Law’ (2014) Journal of Marketing Channels (forthcoming)
  • Courtenay Atwell and Jenny Buchan, ‘The Franchise Fulcrum: The Legal System’s Contributions to Research About Power and Control in Business Format Franchising’ (2014) 21(2) Journal of Marketing Channels (forthcoming)
  • Jenny Buchan, ‘Franchising: A Honey Pot in a Bear Trap’ (2013) 34 Adelaide Law Review 283-316
  • Jenny Buchan and Tracy Wilcox, 'Preparing Doctoral Candidates for a Future in Academe: Exploring the Benefits and Disadvantages of Publishing during Candidature. Préparation des candidats de doctorat à une carrière universitaire; une exploration des avantages et des inconvénients de la publication des thèses pendant la candidature.' 36 (2012) Canadian Legal Education Annual Review 35-57
  • Jenny Buchan, 'Consumer protection for franchisees of failed franchisors: is there a need for statutory intervention?' (2009) 9(2) Queensland University of Technology Law and Justice Journal 232-250
  • Jenny Buchan and Kerry Gottlieb, 'A Practical Approach to Teaching and Assessing Part IV of the Trade Practices Act, 1974 (Cth)' (2009) 2, (1 & 2) Journal of the Australasian Law Teachers Association 149-171
  • Jenny Buchan and Bill Butcher, 'Premises occupancy models for franchised retail businesses in Australia: factors for consideration' (2009) 17(2) Australian Property Law Journal 143 - 178
  • Jenny Buchan, 'Franchisor's registered trademarks - empirical surprises' (2009) 21(7) Australian Intellectual Property Law Bulletin 154 - 157
  • Jenny Buchan, 'Ex ante information and ex post reality for franchisees - The case of franchisor failure' (2008)36 Australian Business Law Review 407 - 431
  • Jenny Buchan, 'Franchises need friends too' (2008) 4 Monash Business Review 49 ff
  • Jenny Buchan, 'Square pegs in round holes: franchisees of insolvent franchisors' (2008) 9(2) Business Law International 114-144
  • Jenny Buchan, 'Challenges that franchisees of insolvent franchisors pose for liquidators' (2008) 16 Insolvency Law Journal 26-42
  • Jenny Buchan, 'Enhancing Legal Practice through Debriefing' (2000) 4 Macarthur Law Review 147-171
  • Jenny Buchan, 'Good Faith: Good Business' (1999) 2(5) Franchise Law and Policy Review 45 - 53
  • Jenny Buchan, 'Dispute Resolution in Franchising: Moving to Mandatory Mediation' (1999) 1(9) Franchise Law and Policy Review 123 - 134


Refereed conference proceedings


  • Courtenay Atwell and Jenny Buchan ‘The franchise see-saw: Thoughts on the balance of power and control in Australian franchises’ (Paper presented at the 27th Annual International Society of Franchising Conference, 13 - 16 March 2013, Zhuhai, China)
  • Jenny Buchan, Jennifer Harris and Gehan Gunasekara ‘Franchise Mediation: Confidentiality or Disclosure: A Consumer Protection Conundrum’. (Paper presented at the 25th Annual International Society of Franchising Conference, Boston, USA June 2011)
  • Jenny Buchan and Jennifer Harris 'Stakeholder input into franchise inquiries: an Australian exploratory study' (Paper presented at the 24th Annual International Society of Franchising Conference, Sydney, June 8-9 2010)
  • Jenny Buchan, 'Can franchise agreements provide for relief against franchisor failure in the context of the common law?' (Paper presented at the 23rd Annual International Society of Franchising Conference, San Diego, USA 12 - 14 February 2009)
  • Jenny Buchan, 'Franchisors' Registered Trade Marks under Australia's Trade Marks Act 1995 (Cth)' (Paper presented at the 22nd Annual International Society of Franchising Conference St Malo France, 20 - 22 June 2008)
  • Jenny Buchan and Bill Butcher, 'Franchisees' retail premises occupancy models in Australia; the rights and the risks' (Paper presented at the 22nd Annual International Society of Franchising Conference St Malo, France, 20 - 22 June 2008)
  • Jenny Buchan and Lorelle Frazer 'The Domino Effect - How Ansett's failure impacted on Traveland' (Paper presented at the Academy of World Business, Marketing & Management Development Conference, Paris, France, July 2006) 1901 - 1911
  • Jenny Buchan, 'Is there a basis for Equating Franchisees with Employees in Priority Ranking on the Insolvency of Franchisors?' (Paper presented at the 20th International Society of Franchising Conference, Palm Springs, USA, 24 - 26 February, 2006) 229 - 262
  • Jenny Buchan, 'Franchisor Failure In Australia - Impact on Franchisees and Potential Solutions' (Paper presented at the 19th International Society of Franchising Conference, London, UK, 20 - 22 May 2005)




  • 'When the franchisor fails' (January 2006) Report for CPA Australia, 1-40


Book chapters not refereed


  • Jenny Buchan and Peter Buberis, 'Franchising in Australia in 2012' in Eckhard Flohr and Helmuth Liesegang (eds) Jahrbuch Franchising 2012 (ZAP Verlag, 2012) 234 - 249


Conference proceedings not refereed


  • Jenny Buchan and Lorelle Frazer, ‘The implications of franchisor failure for franchisees: A literature review’ (Paper presented at the Economics and Management of Networks Conference, Agadir, Morocco, 21 – 23 November, 2013)
  • Jenny Buchan, 'Exploring the limitations of pre-contract disclosure as a franchisee-protection and empowerment mechanism in business format franchising' (Paper presented at the Economics and Management of Networks Conference, Limassol, Cyprus, 1-3 December 2011)
  • Jenny Buchan, Charles Qu and Lorelle Frazer 'Protecting Franchisees From Their Franchisor's Impending Failure: A Way Forward for Consumer Protection Regulators Using Indicators?' (Paper presented at The First International Conference on Comparative Law and Global Common Law 'Exchange and Integration of the Contemporary Legal Systems' College of Comparative Law, China University of Political Science and Law. Beijing, 24-25 September 2011)
  • Jenny Buchan and Tracy Wilcox, 'Preparing doctoral candidates for a future in academe: exploring the benefits of publishing during candidature' (Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Association of Law Teachers (CALT), Fredericton, New Brunswick May 31 - June 1, 2011).
  • Jenny Buchan, 'Publication During Research Degree Candidature: A Law Student's Perspective,' (Paper presented at the Australasian Law Teachers Association annual conference, Auckland, 4-7 July 2010)
  • Jenny Buchan and Kerry Gottlieb, 'A practical approach to teaching and assessing Part IV of the Trade Practices Act, 1974 (Cth)' (Paper presented at the Australasian Law Teachers Association annual conference, Sydney, July 2009)
  • Jenny Buchan, 'Consumer protection policy for franchisees of failed franchisors' (Paper presented at the Franchise Law Colloquium' Bond University, Gold Coast, November 2008)
  • Jenny Buchan, 'Franchisor insolvency, franchise agreements and consumer protection: a dichotomy between ex ante contracting and ex post reality' (Paper presented at the Australasian Law Teachers Association annual conference, Cairns, July 2008)
  • Gehan Gunasekara and Jenny Buchan 'Vulnerable Creditors: Should Franchisees Have Rights as Creditors on the Insolvency or Re-Structuring of their Franchisor?' (Paper presented at the Corporate Law Conference Sydney, 2008)
  • Jenny Buchan, 'Effective resolution of in-term disputes between franchisor and franchisee: an ongoing challenge' (Paper presented at the 52nd International Council for Small Business World Conference Turku, Finland, 2007)
  • Jenny Buchan, 'Who is the franchisee leasing from and does it matter anyway?' (Paper presented at the 51st International Council for Small Business World Conference, Melbourne, Australia, 2006)
  • Jenny Buchan, 'Researching the Cheshire Cat! A Case Study on Empirical Research Involving Franchisees of Insolvent Franchisors. (paper presented at the University of Southern Queensland Insolvency Teaching and Research Workshop, May 2005)


Journal articles not refereed


  • Michael Schaper and Jenny Buchan ‘History of Franchising in Australia’ (2014) International Journal of Franchising Law (forthcoming)
  • Jenny Buchan 'Can the Cheshire Cat be understood yet?' Insolvency Law Bulletin (2007) 7(7) 90 - 91
  • Jenny Buchan 'The Cheshire cats of franchisor insolvency' Insolvency Law Bulletin (2006) 7(1) 9-11
  • Jenny Buchan 'The Jax decision: perils of litigation multiply in courts unused to franchising' The Franchise Review: (2006) 7
  • Jenny Buchan 'Consumer Protection Laws in Australia and Their Effects on Franchising' (1997) Journal of International Franchising & Distribution Law 11(1) 38-43


Submissions to government inquiries


  • NSW Retail Leases Review, 2014
  • Queensland Government Retail Shop Leases Act Review, 2013
  • Commonwealth of Australia Review of the Franchising Code of Conduct, 2013
  • Australian Government Contract Law Review, 2012
  • Commonwealth Consumer Affairs Advisory Council Review of Conditions and Warranties, 2009
  • The Australian Consumer Law Consultation on draft unfair contract terms provisions, 2009
  • New Zealand Government Franchise Regulation Inquiry, 2008
  • Australian Senate Economics References Committee Inquiry into a statutory definition of unconscionable conduct, 2008
  • Australian Commonwealth Government Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services Inquiry into the Franchising Code of Conduct, 2008
  • Economic and Finance Committee, Government of South Australia, inquiry into the existing laws governing franchising, 2008
  • State Government of Western Australia, Inquiry into the operation of franchise businesses in Western Australia, 2008
  • Australian Government Productivity Commission inquiry into: The market for retail tenancy leases in Australia, 2007
  • Australian Government Productivity Commission Review of Australia's Consumer Policy Framework: oral submission, 2007
  • Review of the Disclosure Provisions of the Franchising Code of Conduct, 2006




  • Award for Achievement in Research by HDR Students, Faculty of Law, Queensland University of Technology, 2009




  • Australian Restructuring, Insolvency & Turnaround Association
  • International Society of Franchising
  • Law Council of Australia
  • Law Society of NSW
  • UNSW Human Research Ethics Committee

Research interests

  • Evidence based law and policy
  • Franchising law and policy
  • Insolvency as it affects franchise networks
  • Property law
  • Stakeholder participation in regulatory reform

Research grants

  • 2012-13: Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia. Jenny Buchan, Lorelle Frazer and Charles Qu, ‘Franchisors “in administration”: profiles, factors and impacts’ $10,000
  • 2010: UNSW Faculty Research Grant  (2010) ‘Evidence Based Government Policy-the Case of Franchising, Jenny Buchan and Jennifer Harris’$15,072
  • 2005 and 2006: UNSW Faculty Research Grant: Early Career Research program 2005 and FCE Special Research Grant 2006 ‘Investigation of real and intellectual property rights under franchise systems operating from retail premises in New South Wales’ $19,505
  • 2004: CPA Australia Small Business Research Grant ‘What happens to franchisees’ assets and liabilities when the franchisor becomes insolvent?’ $11,500

 Courses taught

  • TABL2721 Business Law in Action
  • TABL2732 Franchising
  • TABL3757 Corporate Tax Strategy
  • TABL5571 Franchising
  • TABL3732 International Franchise Law
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