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Andreas Ortmann

Andreas Ortmann - Australian School of Business  

Habilitation, Economics, Charles University

PhD Economics, Texas AM University

MS Economics, University of Georgia

BA Political Economy Mathematics, University of Bielefeld, Germany



+61 2 9385 3345 


+61 2 9313 6337 




Australian School of Business building

Andreas took up his current position of Professor of Experimental and Behavioural Economics in the School of Economics in 2009.

Prior to his appointment at the Australian School of Business, he was the (Boston Consulting Group) Professor of Economics at CERGE-EI, a joint workplace of Charles University and the Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic. Prior to that appointment, he taught at Bowdoin and Colby College, Maine, USA. He also was, for a year each, a visiting scholar of the Program on Non-Profit Organizations at Yale University, the Max-Planck Institute for Psychological Research in Munich, the Max-Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin, and the Harvard Business School.


His work has been published in journals such as Management Science, Energy Economics, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Behavioural and Brain Sciences, Journal of Economic Theory, International Journal of Game Theory, Experimental Economics, Psychological Methods, European Economic Review and many others. His interests are wide-ranging and include game theory, corporate finance, experimental economics, the experimental methods in the social sciences, and the history of economic thought.




Selected publications


  • "Just interested or getting involved? An analysis of superannuation attitudes and actions,” (with Hazel Bateman, Jeanette Deetlefs, Isa Dobrescu, Ben Newell, Susan Thorp), Economic Record forthcoming.
  • “Solving Coordination Problems, Experimentally,” (with Giovanna Devetag), pp. forthcoming in J. Sell and M. Webster (eds.), Laboratory Experiments in the Social Sciences, Second Edition. Elsevier, 2014.
  • “Episodes from the Early History of Experimentation in Economics,” Journal of The History of Economic Thought, forthcoming.
  • “Structural versus Behavioral Measures in the Deregulation of Electricity Markets: An Experimental Investigation Guided by Theory and Policy Concerns,” (with Silvester van Koten), European Economic Review forthcoming.
  • “The effects of the take-option in dictator-game experiments: A comment on Engel’s (2011) meta-study” (with Le Zhang), Experimental Economics forthcoming.
  • “Model comparisons using tournaments: Likes, ‘dislikes’, and challenges,” (with Leonidas Spiliopoulos), Psychological Methods forthcoming.
  • “Fairness in Risky Environments: Theory and Evidence”, (with Silvester Van Koten and Vítězslav Babický), GAMES (special issue: Fairness in Games), 4(2), 208-242; doi:10.3390/g4020208
  • 'Are the unskilled doomed to remain unaware?', (with Dmitry Ryvkin and Marian Krajc), Journal of Economic Psychology 33, 2012, 1012 - 31.
  • 'The lingering effects of our past experiences: The sunk-cost fallacy and the inaction inertia effect,' (with Orit Tykocinski), Social and Personality Psychology Compass 59, 2011, 653 - 64.
  • 'The Way in Which an Experiment Is Conducted Is Unbelievably Important': On the Experimentation Practices of Economists and Psychologists', pp. 38 - 55 in E.H. Witte & T. Gollan (eds.), Tagungsband zum 25. Hamburger Symposion -Schwerpunktthema: Sozialpsychologie und Ökonomie, Pabst Verlag 2010
  • 'Do Self-Regulation Clubs Work? Some Evidence from Europe and Some Caveats From Economic Theory,' (with Katarina Svitkova), pp. 152 - 168 in M.K. Gugerty & A. Prakash (eds.), Voluntary Regulation of NGOs and Non-Profits: An Accountability Club Framework, Cambridge University Press 2010
  • 'Certification and Self-Regulation of Non-Profits, and the Institutional Choice Between Them,' (with Jan Myslivecek), pp. 280 - 290 in B. Seaman & D. Young (eds.), Handbook of Research on Nonprofit Economics and Management, Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing 2010
  • 'Understanding the Plott-Wit-Yang paradox,' (with Katarina Kalovcova), The Journal of Prediction Markets, 3.3., 2009, 33-34
  • 'How Uncertain is the Uncertainty Effect?' (with Ondrej Rydval, Sasha Prokosheva, and Ralph Hertwig), Experimental Economics, 12.4., 2009, 473-487
  • 'Three Simple Games (And What It Takes to Solve Them).' (with Michal Ostatnicky and Ondrej Rydval), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 72.1., 2009, 589-601
  • 'Economic Theories of Nonprofit Organization,' (with Petra Brhlikova), in H.K. Anheier & S. Toepler (eds.), International Encyclopedia of Civil Society, Springer, 2010, 1521-1527
  • 'Prospecting NeuroEconomics', Economics & Philosophy, 24.3., 2008, 431-448
  • 'Are the Unskilled Really that Unaware? An Alternative Explanation,' (with Marian Krajc), Journal of Economic Psychology, 29.6., 2008, 724 - 738
  • 'The Unbundling Regime for Electricity in the EU: A Case of Legislative and Regulatory Capture? (with Silvester van Koten), Energy Economics, 30, 2008, 3128 - 3140
  • 'A First Experimental Test of Multilevel Game Theory: The PD Case,' (with Kjell Hausken), Applied Economics Letters, 15.4., 2008, 261 - 264
  • 'Deception in Social Psychological Experiments: Two Misconceptions and a Research Agenda,' (with Ralph Hertwig), Social Psychology Quarterly, 71.3., 2008, 222 - 227
  • 'Deception in Experiments: Revisiting the Arguments in Its Defense,' (with Ralph Hertwig), Ethics and Behavior 18.1., 2008, 59 - 92
  • 'Three Prominent Tournament Formats: Predictive Power and Costs' (with Dmitry Ryvkin), Management Science 54.3., 2008, 492 - 504
  • 'When and Why? A Critical Review of Coordination Failure in the Laboratory,' (with Giovanna Devetag), Experimental Economics 10, 2007, 331 - 344
  • 'Experiments in Solving Coordination Problems,' (with Giovanna Devetag), pp. 407 - 432 in J. Sell and M. Webster (eds.), Laboratory Experiments in the Social Sciences. Elsevier, 2007
  • 'The Effects of Costless Pre-play Communication: Experimental Evidence from Games with Pareto-ranked Equilibria,' (with Andreas Blume), Journal of Economic Theory 132, 2007, 274 - 290
  • 'Loss avoidance as selection principle: Evidence from simple stag-hunt games,' (with Ondrej Rydval), Economics Letters 88.1., 2005, 101-107
  • 'How financial incentives and cognitive abilities affect task performance in laboratory settings: an illustration,' (with Ondrej Rydval), Economics Letters 85.3., 2004, 315-320
  • 'The Cognitive Illusions Controversy: A Methodological Debate in Disguise That Matters To Economists,' (with Ralph Hertwig), pp. 113-130 in R. Zwick and A. Rapoport (eds.), Experimental Business Research III, Boston, MA: Kluwer, 2004
  • 'Trust, Repute, and the Role of Nonprofit Enterprise,' (with Mark Schlesinger), pp.77-114 in H. Anheier & A. Ben-Ner (eds.), The Study of the Nonprofit Enterprise, Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, 2003[Revised version of the 1997 Voluntas article with the same title]
  • 'The Costs of Deception: Evidence From Psychology,' (with Ralph Hertwig), Experimental Economics 5.2., 2002, 111-131
  • 'Money, lies, and replicability: On the need for empirically grounded experimental practices and interdisciplinary discourse,' (with Ralph Hertwig), Behavioral and Brain Sciences 24, 2001, 433-451
  • 'Experimental Practices in Economics: A Challenge for Psychologists? [target article],' (with Ralph Hertwig), Behavioral and Brain Sciences 24, 2001, 383-403
  • 'Capital Romance: Why Wall Street Fell in Love With Higher Education,' Education Economics 9.3., 2001, 293-311
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  • 'A Game-theoretic Explanation of the Administrative Lattice in Institutions of Higher Learning,' (with Richard C. Squire), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 43.3., 2000, 377-392
  • 'Understanding Gender Effects in the Laboratory: Evidence from Prisoner’s Dilemma Games,' (with Lisa Tichy), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 39.3., 1999, 327-339
  • 'Reasoning in Economics and Psychology: Why Social Context Matters,' (with Gerd Gigerenzer), pp. 131-145 in M.E. Streit, U. Mummert and D. Kiwit (eds.), Cognition, Rationality, and Institutions, Springer, 2000.[Revised version of the 1997 JITE article with the same title]
  • 'The Nature and Causes of Corporate Negligence, Sham Lectures, and Ecclesiastical Indolence: Adam Smith on Joint-Stock Companies, Teachers, and Preachers,' History of Political Economy 31.2., 1999, 297-315
  • 'Modern Economic Theory and the Study of Nonprofit Organizations: Why the Twain Shall Meet,' Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly 25.4., 1996, 470-484
  • 'Self-Command in Adam Smith's Theory of Moral Sentiments. A Game-Theoretic Re-interpretation,' (with Stephen J. Meardon), Rationality and Society 8.1., 1996, 57-80
  • 'A Game-Theoretic Re-Evaluation of Adam Smith's Theory of Moral Sentiments and Wealth of Nations,' (with Stephen J. Meardon), pp. , 43-61 in Ingrid Rima (ed.), The Classical Tradition in Economic Thought, Proceedings of 20th HES meetings, Elgar 1995
  • 'On the Origin of Conventions: Evidence from Symmetric Bargaining Games,' (with John vanHuyck, et al.), International Journal of Game Theory 24.2., 1995, 187-212

Research interests

  • Experimental and behavioural economics
  • Governance of non-profit organisations
  • Quality assurance mechanisms
  • Experimental practices in economics and psychology
  • History of economic thought (Adam Smith)

Research grants

  • 'Reconnecting and Engaging Superannuation Fund Members', LP110100489

 Courses taught

  • ECON2126 Principles of Experimental and Behavioural Economics
  • ECON3124 Behavioural Economics
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