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Society of Heterodox Economists Conference University of NSW 2-3 December 2013




Full Registration at $200 (includes GST) [people giving two or more presentations are expected to pay full registration]
Concessional registration at $100.00 (includes GST) – for students, unemployed or retired
One day registration at $100.00 (includes GST)
Conference Dinner on Monday 2 December at $65 (including GST)


Please download and complete registration form and send to:
Peter Kriesler (Conference organiser)
School of Economics, UNSW, Sydney 2052
Email: P.Kriesler@unsw.edu.au

Fax: 02 9313 6337 (Block letters please)





The 12th annual Australian Society of Heterodox Economists (SHE) Conference will be held on the 2nd and 3rd of December 2013.
The annual SHE Conference provides a vital forum for the discussion of alternatives to mainstream economics. The Conference provides a broad pluralistic and interdisciplinary forum to discuss issues of importance to heterodox economists.
For 2013 the SHE Conference theme is Heterodox economics and the crisis that won’t go away.
Despite a prolonged economic crisis, which has led to increasing levels of unemployment and low rates of growth, particularly throughout Europe and in the USA, governments and mainstream economists are still talking about balancing budgets and the necessity of austerity measures. Heterodox economists have argued that suggested policies will only deepen the crisis. This year’s conference will focus on the ongoing implications for all sectors of the economy of the crisis, as well as consider viable policy recommendations.


In addition we have a number of proposed symposia:


Austerity and the global financial crisis
Elisabetta Magnani e.magnani@unsw.edu.au


Can heterodox economics inform mainstream economic debates?


At a time when neoclassical economics is doing a poor job of explaining the major economic and political issues of the day, heterodox economics is declining both in our universities and in public debate. While much is made of the concentration of the Australian media, the fact is that there are more avenues for disseminating information and today than ever before. ABC 24, Sky News, The Conversation, Crikey, the Global Mail and the Guardian Australia all provide new means to disseminate research, analysis and comment - content which can then be amplified via Twitter and Facebook. This symposium will address how heterodox economists can help to inform public debate in Australia.
Richard Denniss rd@tai.org.au


International Association for Feminist Economics (IAFFE) Symposium on Caring Labour
The symposium aims to explore issues around the feminist economic analysis of care work. We welcome papers with a focus on feminist economics, care work, the care economy and women's employment.
Siobhan Austen Siobhan.Austen@cbs.curtin.edu.au


Prospects for a Sustainable Future (environment, energy, sustainable living)
Paul Twomey p.twomey@unsw.edu.au


Symposium in Honour of John King
John King, one of Australia’s most distinguished heterodox economists, and a regular contributor to SHE has retired earlier this year.  This symposium will honour all of his contributions to heterodox economics, with special reference to his contribution to policy debate in Australia.
Peter Kriesler p.kriesler@unsw.edu.au


Submission details:
Submissions are invited for single papers, complete sessions and symposia (comprising more than one session) relevant to the over-arching conference theme, or which discuss issues of importance from perspectives which differ from, or critically examine, mainstream economics.


Single papers:
All papers should include a 250 word abstract that clearly states the issue being addressed, its main points and argument. It should be stated, at the time of submission, if you require your paper to be refereed and if you wish your paper to be considered for a symposium.  All papers on heterodox issues will be considered.
The deadline for refereed papers is Monday 14 October 2013.

The deadline for non-refereed papers is Monday 28 October 2013.
Complete sessions:
We welcome proposals for complete sessions. Session proposals should be sent to p.kriesler@unsw.edu.au and include the following information:


  • A short title
  • A description of the session which should be no more than one page
  • The names of the proposed participants in the session
  • An abstract for each paper to be included in the session
  • The name and email address of the session organiser

The deadline for the submission of session proposals is Friday 13 September 2013.


We encourage proposals for symposia which address a single topic or issue. The SHE Conference Committee will work with symposia organisers, when constructing the conference program, to ensure a coherent list of sessions for each symposium, and schedule these so that participants can follow a symposium across more than one session. Symposium proposals should be submitted to p.kriesler@unsw.edu.au and include the following information:


  • A short title (no more than 5 words)
  • A short description of the type of paper that would be suitable for inclusion in the symposium
  • The name and email address of the symposium organiser

The deadline for symposium proposals is Friday 13 September 2013.
The SHE Conference Committee will consider all proposals for papers, sessions and symposia, and will notify you of the acceptance or rejection of your proposal.
Complete session proposals and symposium proposals are due by Friday 13 September 2013 and will be notified by Monday 23 September 2013.

The deadline for refereed papers is Monday 14 October 2013. 

The deadline for non-refereed papers is Monday 28 October 2013.

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