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Media articles that reference the Australian School of Business, our academics, research, alumni and students.



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Interview: Professor Geoffrey Garrett, newly appointed dean of the Wharton School
Sunday Profile - ABC, 23 March, 2014
Professor Geoffrey Garrett talks with Richard Aedy from ABC radio about his career and future appointment as Dean of The Wharton School.
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Australian Universities Learning From Asia's Tiger Moms
WSJ, 09 October, 2013
Australian universities are learning from Asia's tiger moms in a bid to address a sharp fall in overseas students.
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New research says there is no link between retirement age and death
ABC - AM, 17 September, 2013
Professor John Piggott 
Professor John Piggott shares his thoughts on a recent study showing no link between retirement age and an early death.
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Stopping work early does not mean you die sooner: report
SMH, 17 September, 2013
Professor John Piggott 
Professor John Piggott says "you can leave work without worrying about losing years, do whatever works for you"
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Efficient draw-down structures needed as the population ages
AFR, 16 September, 2013
Professor John Piggott 
As the first wave of baby boomers start to retire, structures will need to be put in place to ensure super can be drawn down more efficiently.
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